Home Theater Planning

Section 1: Planning a Home Theater

Consider room location and size, whether you are retrofitting a room or building a home theater addition. Decide on a layout, create a wish list, and diagram the room with equipment and features.

Theater or Media Room
Custom Home Theaters
Key Considerations
Diagrams + Layouts
Budget-Friendly Options

Section 2: Choosing Audio + Visual

Armed with your design plan, visit home technology and home theater showrooms to get a feel for what’s available and compare prices.

Buying Tips
Audio Systems + Speakers
Remote Controls
Projector vs. Flat Screen
Cable + Wiring
Surge Protectors

Section 3: Creating a Theater

Comfy recliners, soundproof walls, adjustable lighting and a concession stand are among the important features that give the room a true theater feel.

Tech Trends
Media + Content Sources
10 Ways to Watch Mad Men

Section 4: Getting the Project Done

The key to a successful home theater project is working with professionals who can execute your design, suggest materials and complete your remodel.