Lighting Control

Smart Home Lighting Control

Smart Home Control Systems allow for complete control of lighting systems in residences and offices. Imagine being able to manipulate the lighting in each room of your home, or your office, with a programmable touchpad or remote that lets you choose exactly the lighting you need at any given time of day.

A Smart Home Control System is designed to meet your lighting needs, no matter what room you’re in or when you need lighting. It’s an easy way to control lighting as your requirements change throughout the day. Need bright light in one area to read a book, but dim lighting in another so you can read the computer monitor? Smart Home Control Systems let you configure the lighting exactly the way you want, and they make it possible for your home environment to adapt to your lifestyle.

Smart Home Control Systems create a comfortable home or office setting as determined by the user’s needs. It’s completely possible to personalize a Smart Home Control System to meet custom-designed requirements and favorite settings. Everything is manipulated and controlled from a central keypad, touch pad, or mobile device.

Effortless and Customizable

Transform the lighting in your home or office to your ideal environment with a Smart Home Control System that controls lights at the touch of a button. You can install timers, sensors, and more for your convenience and to save money. Smart Home Control Systems even control fans attached to lighting.

For rooms that already receive enough light, Smart Home Systems can integrate shading solutions for complete light control. Use your Smart Home Control System to adjust shades in different rooms, at different times of day or for an entire season.

The right light and ambiance is yours, in your home or workplace, with a Smart Home Lighting Control System designed by Icove Technology Inc.