Shades & Climate Control

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Keeping a home or office set to the right temperature contributes to comfort and financial savings. Icove Technology Inc. can design complete Smart Home Systems with Shading and Climate Control for your house or workplace, so that you have an ideal living and working environment – and so that your climate control solutions are easy on a budget.

It’s important to consider climate control when thinking about the furnishings or artwork in your home or office. Maintaining the ideal temperature for fine pieces of furniture or art is easy with a Smart Home Control System. With a Smart Home Control System, you can manipulate the humidity and temperature in a space with a single programmable keypad – or touch pad – that regulates one of the most crucial systems in your home or office.

Versatility and Functionality

Icove Technology Inc. designs Smart Home Shading and Climate Control systems that include total control of heating, cooling, and humidity. They are designed for control of forced air, heat pumps, and radiant HVAC systems. Our multi-function standalone thermostats deliver enhanced comfort and safety for your home or workplace. They can be part of a completely automated Smart Home system that includes universally controlled lighting, audio video, and security.

Our Products

When you choose a our Smart Home Shading and Climate Control System, you have endless possibilities for attractive and functional shading and climate control. We design complete systems that include designer window shades and treatments, custom fabrics, sunscreens, blackout shades, and shades with varying degrees of automation. Our products can fit in with any décor and they offer intelligent design built the way that you use your home or work space. Residents and business owners are able to manually adjust shades or climate control, or use programmable functions via their PCs, Macs, or mobile phones.