Home Audio & Video

Multi-Room Smart Home Audio

Whether you like to entertain guests or simply enjoy music while you’re doing things in the home, a smart home multi-room audio system can give you the ambiance you want – with the look you want. Icove Technology Inc. creates fully wired smart home audio systems that bring music to all parts of your home, indoors and out. We give you smart solutions for playing different music simultaneously throughout your house, all featuring easy control from a central source.

Instead of having all of your audio components sitting on a rack, with long wires and extension cords bringing music to other areas of your home, Icove Technology Inc. will create a smart home audio system for you that pulls wires seamlessly and attractively into the rooms that you want. Audio to the multiple rooms is controlled via a keypad or touchpad, which also allows you to program songs and make unique playlists. Volume can also be controlled remotely via smart home systems.

Multi-Room Smart Home Video

Instead of having multiple cable boxes, TV boxes, and DVD players stacked up in all of the rooms in your house, envision a home that has a neatly organized and sometimes hidden source of video. The smart home multi-room home video system creates a single, nearly invisible video hub that has the necessary components and wiring to transmit video to all of the rooms in your home.

Each person, in each room in your house, can watch his favorite shows without having to deal with bulky boxes and tons of wires. HD TV, Blu-ray, and even closed-circuit surveillance video are contained in a single, small area, and then distributed throughout the home to the intended location.