Home Automation

Creating an Automated Home

What would it be like to control almost all of your home’s functions through one smart home system? Imagine being able to adjust your blinds, climate control, and lighting through one universal remote. Think about the possibilities of having your home theater system, media room, and surveillance security system linked up to one control panel that you could access from home or remotely. What if even your pool and spa, iPod, and other home electronics could be controlled in one central place that was secure and only allowed access to those you designated? Your completely automated home could be a reality. And Icove Technology Inc. can make it happen.

What is Smart Home Technology?

Smart home systems allow individuals to control a home’s subsystems – lighting, heat, air, music, and almost any electronic or digital system – through a central universal remote. This remote is typically a touchscreen device similar to a smart phone or a tablet that is installed in the home and can sometimes be controlled remotely while away from the home. Think about a smart home remote as you would a universal remote that controls a television, Blu-ray player. With smart home technology, one easy-to-use remote gives you access to the controls for a variety of your home’s integral systems.

Smart Home Technology Put to Use

Not only can Smart Home technology let you press one button to turn off all the lights at night, arm and disarm your security system remotely, and set up your thermostat to adhere to a pre-configured schedule, but it can also make your home “future ready.” Icove Technology Inc. can create a smart home plan for your home that wires it for the technology that will be possible in the future. It prepares your home for unknown technological advances, which often means it increases the value of your home.

Smart Home Services

Eliminate wall clutter and enhance your family’s lifestyle and safety with the added convenience that Smart control systems allow. Imagine a single button press at night that turns off house lights, arms your security system and turns off all audio & video systems.

Coordinate all your home systems and make your home “Future Ready.”  Structured wiring allows full home automation technology possible, prepares for future technologies and increases the value of your home.

Create the perfect mood for dinner—in advance.  As guests arrive… adjust lighting, video and mix the music just as you planned.

Create pre-configured personal lighting schemes for any activity or time of day.

Save money—without even thinking about it, by coordinating your thermostats and window shades to improve energy efficiency.